• Agenda

  • Day 1

    May 7, 2019

    8:00am Registration & Breakfast

    8:45am Opening Remarks

  • 9:00am

    New Housing Development Forecast

    • How well have homebuilders kept up with the most recent population growth, and what changes do they need to make in their future homebuilding strategy?
    • Given current average wages, what price points are the “sweet spots” which will see the highest demand in the market?
    • How have demographics influenced the types of new home designs?
    • Are millennials making an impact in the new build market in the region?
    • Are homebuilders preparing themselves for an eventual expansion of the city into BLM land in the near-term?
    • How are homebuilders addressing labor shortage issues?
    • Are homebuilders seeing challenges with funding new projects with rising interest rates?


    Moderator: Eli Segall, Business Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal


    Nat Hodgson, CEO, Southern Nevada Home Builders Association


    Nicole Bloom, Division President, Richmond American Homes


    John McLaury, VP Marketing, KB Homes


    Brian Plaster, VP of Operations, Signature Management



    Are the Economics in Our Favor?

    • How prepared is the Las Vegas region to withstand market turbulence should the national and global economies begin to soften?
    • Have conditions changed so that the housing market won’t succumb to a fate similar to the one we saw in 2008?
    • Is the Las Vegas economy diversifying, or are we still reliant on a similar proportion of industry vertical exposure as the pre-Financial Crisis era?
    • Are average wages at a level that can sustain current property prices, or do we see the market straining?
    • How much of a challenge are rising interest rate for economic growth?


    Moderator: David Grana, Managing Director, Vegasnomics

    Ron Knecht, Former-Controller, State of Nevada


    Dr. Stephen Miller, Professor, UNLV


    Ted Jones, Chief Economist, Stewart Title



    Coffee Break


    How Far Will Our Water Supply Go?

    • What projects are currently in progress to distribute water throughout the region?
    • What projects are in the pipeline and how will they impact further property development in the region?
    • What preparations have the SNWA undertaken in case of further city expansion into BLM land?



    John Entsminger, General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority



    The New Evolution in Tourism

    • Tourism in the region has undergone a major revamp over the last decade
    • What are the demographics of the types of visitors that Las Vegas is trying to attract?
    • Are online platforms being used more frequently by visitors to book their lodging, and what impact is this having on residential properties?
    • As the region strives to attract more film and television tourism, is this driving a construction boom to meet demand?
    • Are hotels able to meet the lodging needs of the increased convention space that is under construction, or will developers need to step up and propose new projects?



    Moderator: Kevin Buckley, Co-Owner, First Real Estate Companies


    Kevin Bagger, Vice President, Research Center, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority


    Jessica Segal, Chief Operating Officer, Strip View Suites


    Eric Preiss, Director, Nevada Film Office


    Chris Jones, Airport Chief Marketing Officer, Clark County Department of Aviation



    Providing Law Enforcement and Protection in a Rapidly Growing City

    Fireside Chat With

    Joseph Lombardo, Sheriff, Las Vegas Metro Police Department



    Lunch Break


    The Evolution of Transportation and its Impact on Property

    • What impact has the most recent influx of new residents had on project development across the different organizations?
    • How does the issue of whether we grow outward or upward have an impact on the transportation needs of the region?
    • Have projected demographics played a role in the planning of new projects and lines of service?
    • Does public transportation pose a threat to rideshare services, and what impact would that have on facilities that have been designated for ridesharing?
    • How has the transportation community collaborated with developers and property owners to create win-win situations?
    • What influence does the transportation industry see as having on future development of the region?
    • Is the transportation community prepared to deal with further population increases in the region, and what are their projections for the coming years?



    Tina Quigley, Chief Executive Officer, Regional Transportation Commission


    Curtis Myles, President & Chief Executive Officer, Las Vegas Monorail Company


    Tracy Larkin-Thomasen, Deputy Director, Nevada Department of Transportation


    Abe Ghabra, Managing Director, Aptiv


    Coffee Break


    Growth of the Region - Where to Next and How?

    • What are the ambitions of the city leaders for the next stage of growth for the region?
    • How do regional leaders plan to make their ambitions a reality and bring on board developers and investors?
    • What are the challenges posed by the Federal government and how realistic is further expansion into BLM land?
    • Are there challenges around funding, and if so, where would it come from to make further growth happen?
    • Do leaders see the city growing outward or upward and what does this mean for property development?
    • What proposals do regional leaders have to further diversify the economic base of the city?


    Moderator: Guy Hobbs, Managing Director, Hobbs Ong & Assoc.


    John Lee, Mayor, City of North Las Vegas


    Stavros Anthony, Councilman - Ward 4, City of Las Vegas


    Mike Ford, Partner, Abbey, Stubbs & Ford, LLC


    Brett Harrison, COO, EHB Companies


    Redeveloping the Medical District and the Growth of Advanced Medicine

    • How successful a catalyst has the establishment of the UNLV School of Medicine been for the re-development of the Medical District?
    • What programs is the city putting in place to encourage developers and investors to continue to redevelop the area?
    • What do the prospects look like for real estate in this region to become desirable to the medical community?
    • Are there funding challenges with development projects in this particular region?


    Moderator: Kevin Buckley, Co-Owner, First Real Estate Companies


    Shani Coleman, Redevelopment Manager, City of Las Vegas


    Barbara Atkinson, Founding Dean, UNLV School of Medicine


    Dr. Constantine George, Founder, Epitomedical & Vedius App


    Drinks Reception

    Featuring Magician Jen Kramer


    End Day 1

  • Agenda

    Day 2

    May 8, 2019

    8:00am Registration & Breakfast

    8:45am Opening Remarks

  • 9:00am

    Trends in the Commercial Market

    • How has the composition of ownership changed in the commercial space?
    • Has the profile of tenant changed as well?
    • How has the method in which deals are cut changed?
    • Is the activity that we are seeing in the market from new companies coming into the region, or from Vegas-based companies?
    • Are there bottlenecks to growth right, such as from infrastructure, financing, or construction costs?
    • Is enough product being developed, and is it the right of developments?
    • Is the lack of new office building development going to become a problem in the long-run?


    Moderator: Rick Myers, President, Thomas & Mack Group


    Kevin Higgins, Executive Vice President, CBRE


    Scott Gragson, Executive Vice President, Colliers


    Randy Broadhead, Senior Vice President, CBRE


    Dan Palmeri, Senior Director, Tenant Advisory, Cushman & Wakefield


    Dan Doherty, Executive Vice President, Colliers



    How Technology is Shaping Property Transactions

    Technology is disrupting every aspect of society, and real estate is no different. This conversation explores elements of property transactions that are being digitized, some as a result of convenience, and others in response to regulations, such as those the implemented by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and TRID (TILA-RESPA). It will also give insight into the technologies that are on the horizon which will help to continue streamline processes, provide greater transparency, and simplify the purchase and sale of real estate.

    Fireside Chat With

    Wyomia Clifton-Menkens, Senior Division President, Stewart Title




    Coffee Break


    The Impact of Professional Sports on the City

    • How has professional sports impacted the economy of the city?
    • What kind of employment opportunities has this brought to the region?
    • Are these jobs attracting new residents, and therefore, new participants in the housing market?
    • How have sports complexes changed properties in their surrounding areas?
    • Are we seeing a possible boost in trendy, downtown-style multi-family residences or new commercial retail developments?
    • What is the next step in the evolution of Las Vegas as a professional sports hub and what will be the pass-through effect on employment and property?



    Moderator: Willie Ramirez, Sportswriter, Associated Press


    Don Logan, President, Las Vegas Aviators


    Lawrence Epstein, COO, UFC


    Brett Lashbrook, CEO, Las Vegas Lights FC


    Kerry Bubolz, President & COO, Vegas Golden Knights


    Marc Badain, President, Raiders




    What’s Driving the Investment Community?

    • How is Las Vegas property and infrastructure viewed from an investment prospective?
    • What can the region do to attract capital from institutional investors?
    • Is economic diversification the key?
    • Is it a matter of the way in which investments are structured?
    • How attractive of an investment is the Las Vegas region relative to other regions where institutional investors allocate capital?
    • Has the region diversified enough since the pre-Financial Crisis era to give investors confidence?



    Moderator: Shahin Yazdi, Principal & Managing Director, George Smith Partners


    Terence Thompson, Investment Manager, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona


    Guy Hobbs, Managing Director, Hobbs Ong & Assoc.


    John Restrepo, Principal, RCG Economics


    Taylor Arnett, VP, Acquisitions, CapRock Partners


    Lunch Break




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    What’s Impacting a Realtor’s Ability to Move Inventory Today?

    • What are some of the market-related challenges that have impacted the sale of existing inventory?
    • Interest rates, prices, wages levels?
    • How is technology changing the role of realtors in the transaction process?
    • What impact are millennials having on home buying?
    • What are some of the local and state-level regulations that are having an impact on a realtor’s ability to move inventory?



    Jimmy Dague, Realtor, Trainer, Results Coach, Keller Williams


    Julie Davies, Adjunct Professor, College of Southern Nevada


    David R. Tina, Managing Broker & Owner, Urban Nest Realty


    Matt Hendricks, Director, Broker Relations and Strategy, Zillow Group






    Coffee Break


    NetEffect Aviators Ticket Package

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    The Changing Dynamics in Retail

    • How are e-commerce companies like Amazon impacting retailers and retail properties?
    • Why is Las Vegas among the top three cities in the U.S. losing retail square footage per capita?
    • What impact is this change having on communities and the surrounding real estate?
    • What does the next iteration of retail property need to look like?
    • What do consumers want now, and how do we give it to them?
    • How much of an influence do millennials have on the evolution in retail property development?


    Moderator: David Grana, Managing Director, Vegasnomics


    Mark Stapp, Professor of Real Estate, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University


    Brendan Keating, CEO, Logic Commercial Real Estate


    Kyle Wilcox, Retail Broker, NewMarket Advisors


    Winston Fisher, CEO, AREA15


    Creating a Local Workforce – How is it Going to Happen?

    • How can we prevent shortages in staff for critical growth projects in the region?
    • What needs to change in order to prevent the transient nature of workers certain sectors and keep them here to settle and contribute to the growth of the region?
    • How are local educational and vocational organizations preparing Las Vegans to fill the types of jobs that are in high demand in the valley?
    • What are the economic benefits to investing time, resources and education to our build a local workforce?


    Shelley Berkley, CEO and Senior Provost, Touro University


    Susan Brager, Former-Commissioner, Clark County


    Frank Hawk, Regional Vice President, Southwest Regional Carpenters Union


    Russ Patterson, IT Director and Data Security Officer, Dignity Health


    The Impact of the Marijuana Industry

    • How has the dispensary industry impacted demand for retail and industrial real estate?
    • What are some of the complexities with structuring real estate deals because of federal legislation around marijuana?
    • Have dispensaries had a pass-through effect onto the surrounding real estate and communities where they have established their businesses?
    • What does the future iteration of the recreational marijuana industry look like, and how will that impact tourism and real estate in the Las Vegas region?


    James Lamb, Vice President, Government Affairs, Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association


    Allen Puliz, Managing Partner, Flora Vega


    Dr. Nick Spirtos, CEO, The Apothecary Shoppe


    Closing Remarks

    Kevin Buckley, Co-Owner, First Real Estate Companies


    Afternoon Drinks Reception

    First Real Estate Raiders Tickets Raffle


    Event Concludes