• North Las Vegas:

    Nevada's Next Boomtown

    Published September 17, 2019


  • What do you find most exciting about the North Las Vegas economy and its real estate market right now?

    Years ago, people assumed that North Las Vegas would be a popular business destination simply because real estate was cheap. But business people don't just go somewhere because it's cheap. You need a government that you can trust and that doesn't change sporadically. You need rules that are easy to understand and apply, so that you can get your business up and running quickly and efficiently. Lo and behold, we created just that type of environment, and now North Las Vegas is a city where people from across the world come to do business.


    If you have a Self-Certified professional and attended our Self-Certification training; your permit will be given within four days. We review and finalize plans while a developer is in the early stages of laying out the footprint of their structure, so as not to cause untimely delays. Most of the time, by the time a developer gets their permit, the slabs are ready to be poured, they're ready to build their structure. The pipes and preliminary work has already been done. We realize that time is money, and our objective is to make sure that neither is wasted.

  • "As mayor, my goal was to have 100 million square feet of concrete

    in the ground in my term."

  • As mayor, my goal was to have 100 million square feet of concrete in the ground in my term. Between the 15,000 new homes under development, the current industrial projects underway, and the infill properties that are being developed, we’re on pace to exceed that. We’re the fastest growing city in the state and the third largest city after Las Vegas and Henderson – and I think we’ll surpass Henderson one day, possibly sooner than later.


    All of that, along with the rise in home prices, are an exciting trend for North Las Vegas.

  • Mayor Lee hopes that further development of Apex Industrial Park's 18,000 acres will create economic growth and jobs for the region.

    How do you see North Las Vegas evolving over the next 12 to 18 months?

    Right now, we have a 12-mile water line that is going from the area around the Speedway up to Apex Industrial Park, where we have 18,000 acres ready for development. That water line is passing through 3,000 acres of land where developers are already breaking ground on new projects. This is going to be one of the many epicenters of economic growth, employment and tax opportunities in our city. The North Beltway Business Park has 1,100 acres that we’ve provided water and sewage access to, and 90% of that land is also under development.


    There’s a new flyover project breaking ground at the interchange of the I-15 and 215 Beltway in order to deal with the capacity pressures of the added traffic brought on by the new manufacturing and e-commerce facilities that are populating North Las Vegas. This north end of the valley is the economic hub for the future of Southern Nevada.

    The last five miles of the 215 are being completed at the moment, so that we can connect it to the I-15. This will make it easier for the more than 10,000 veterans who get treatment every month at the VA Hospital. Just adjacent to that, we have a 150-acre Job Creation Zone, where we’ll be bringing medical technology and health care services. We’re very excited about the prospects for this part of the valley.

  • "We’re making it possible to have a great quality of life in North Las Vegas

    on an average salary."

  • What do you think we can do to make our region, including North Las Vegas, more appealing to high-paying employers?

    It used to be that business owners and their employees would work in North Las Vegas and live in other parts of the valley. Many of those people have gotten fed up with the long commutes and have moved to North Las Vegas, where we’ve really developed our residential inventory. In addition, we’ve attracted new restaurants to the community. We have more charter schools here than anywhere else in the region, and lest we forget the College of Southern Nevada campus, which is teeming with students. We’re making it possible to have a great quality of life in North Las Vegas on an average salary.

  • What role do you feel that North Las Vegas can play in addressing the shortage in affordable housing that the valley seems to be facing?

    Building a family structure and a community is critical for any city. About 50% of North Las Vegas has not been built out yet. We have a good supply of homes in the $250,000 range, and new development in the city is still in that range, so we’re still an affordable place to live.

    Unlike neighboring cities, North Las Vegas has a plethora

    of land available for further development.

  • "My objective is to see how we can make our community a more desirable and convenient place to live than other parts of the valley."

  • What do you see as some of the biggest challenges facing North Las Vegas and Southern Nevada as we continue to see our population grow? Do you feel like we're prepared to see continual growth?

    I know that someday, the area between Cheyenne and Craig Road will be as busy as between Charleston and Sahara, pre-Project Neon. With all of the residents and businesses coming to North Las Vegas, I’m concerned about traffic flow and parking. We’re moving at a very fast pace, much like California did during its growth period, but with the knowledge and perspective to make our growth sustainable in the long-term. Success breeds the need to address these issues. My objective is to see how we can make our community a more desirable and convenient place to live than other parts of the valley. I struggle with that dilemma, but I also recognize that I’m changing the future of this community.

    Traffic flow may become a bigger issue as

    North Las Vegas continues its epic growth.

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