• Agenda

  • Day 1 Agenda

    May 5, 2020

    7:45am Registration & Breakfast

    8:30am Opening Remarks

  • 8:45am-9:30am

    Building the City of Tomorrow by Overcoming Today’s Challenges

    • Are the glory days of high profile projects in the Las Vegas valley back?

    • What is being done to address the worker shortage that the construction trade is facing?

    • Do the developments being constructed meet the demands of the market today and can they stand the test of time to stay relevant and aid in our region’s economic progress?

    • What can be done to ensure that the Las Vegas valley doesn’t face a construction drought like it did post-Financial Crisis?


    Guy Martin, President, Martin-Harris Construction


    Frank Hawk, Regional Vice President, Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters





    The Growth of Our Region: What’s Next?

    • How far along has Southern Nevada come with property development projects in recent years?

    • What are the strengths and weak spots in current product supply?

    • What ideas for future development do our leaders have as the region’s economy evolves and diversifies?


    Moderator: Dan Doherty, Executive Vice President, Industrial Division, Colliers International


    John Lee, Mayor, City of North Las Vegas


    Debra March, Mayor, City of Henderson


    Michele Fiore, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Las Vegas




    The Importance of Community Space Development

    • In a region without a city center, what solutions can innovative developments provide?

    • What characteristics do these developments have that bring together people and create communities?

    • What examples have we seen in other cities whereby design and construction have been a catalyst for community engagement?


    Tom van Betten, Vice President, Matter Real Estate Group


    Heather Harmon, Deputy Director, Nevada Museum of Art


    Dan Pelson, COO, AREA15





    New LVMPD Facility: Training First Responders in a High Tech Environment

    • What is so unique about the design and construction of this facility versus other law enforcement training facilities that have been constructed?

    • Does the establishment of this facility open up the possibility of attracting law enforcement equipment development firms?

    • Is it expected for the area surrounding this facility to experience property development and growth?


    Andrew Locher, Officer, Las Vegas Metro Police Department

    Earn 12 Continuing Education Credits

    If you have a Nevada Real Estate License, you can earn 12 General Continuing Education Credits by attending both days of the Las Vegas Property Development & Infrastructure Conference. Click Here to Register.


    Lunch Break


    Can Anything Stop the Red Hot Multifamily Market?

    • How much growth in multifamily projects has the Las Vegas valley seen since the Financial Crisis?

    • What are the main economic drivers for this growth, and is that enough to keep investment capital flowing?

    • How have multifamily developments evolved in order to meet the demands and needs of today’s market, and to remain relevant for the coming decade?


    Moderator: Tera Anderson, Redevelopment Manager, City of Las Vegas


    Jeffrey Swinger, Executive Vice President, Colliers International


    Gary Banner, Senior Market Analyst, Tru Development


    Yuen Yung, CEO, Casoro Capital





    The Next Generation of Office Space in Southern Nevada

    • Why is environmental design so critical for offices?

    • How will new office developments incorporate work-life integration into their designs?

    • In what types of office projects and in which markets are investors allocating their capital?

    • What is the cost-value of retrofitting existing builds versus organic design?


    Moderator: Chris Crooks, Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank


    Mark Rowland, Innovation Actualizer, AFWERX


    Tom van Betten, Vice President, Matter Real Estate Group


    Mark Schuessler, Director of Private Capital Group, Newmark Knight Frank




    A New Era for the Las Vegas Residential Market

    • How successful a catalyst has the establishment of the UNLV School of Medicine been for the re-development of the Medical District?
    • What programs is the city putting in place to encourage developers and investors to continue to redevelop the area?
    • What do the prospects look like for real estate in this region to become desirable to the medical community?
    • Are there funding challenges with development projects in this particular region?


    Moderator: Dave Tina, Managing Broker, Urban Nest Realty


    Pam Junge, Chief Adventure Officer, The Junge Group at eXp


    Kamran Khosravi, President, Dara Capital Group


    Shosana Carro, Senior Vice President, Old Republic Title




    Homebuilding for a Growing Population and Finite Space

    • What solutions have homebuilders found to address the challenge of scarcity of land and an increase in price-per-acre?

    • What legislative hurdles do homebuilders face, and how are they adapting?

    • How do homebuilders see design and construction evolving as the Las Vegas valley’s population continues to grow?


    Moderator: James Dague, Broker, HomeSmart Encore


    Nicole Bloom, Division President, Richmond American Homes


    Nat Hodgson, CEO, Southern Nevada Home Builders Association


    Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Madam Chair, Board of County Commissioners, Clark County


    Rick Barron, President, Signature Homes



    End Day 1

  • Day 2 Agenda

    May 6, 2020

    8:00am Registration & Breakfast

    8:50am Opening Remarks

  • 9:00am-9:35am

    All Aboard: Virgin’s SoCal to Las Vegas Rail Project

    • What are the critical details of the SoCal to Las Vegas rail line and how massive of a construction project will it be?

    • What is the timeline for completion?

    • What effect will it have on further development, such as at the train stations and in the surrounding areas?

    Fireseide Chat

    Tina Quigley, Southern Nevada Transportation Expert


    Mick Akers, Transportation Reporter, Las Vegas Review-Journal




    Data Centers: The Next Chapter in Southern Nevada Property Development?

    • What are the necessary elements required to establish and grow a thriving data center industry?

    • What would Southern Nevada need to do from an infrastructure, financing and government policy perspective in order to compete in this space?

    • How have other jurisdictions, particularly in the western U.S., entered this space, and what has been the return on investment to the economy and real estate?


    Mark Bauer, Managing Director, Data Center Solutions, JLL


    Jeremy Ferkin, VP Operations, West Region, CenturyLink


    John Ritter, Managing Director, Real Assets, University of California Endowment


    Jeff Brigger, Director, Business Development, NV Energy




    Transforming Las Vegas into Hollywood 2.0

    • Does Las Vegas have the infrastructure and conditions to attract entertainment management and production?

    • What does Las Vegas need to do in order to open this industry segment up to our region?

    • Can Southern Nevada compete in the so-called "Netflix (Studio) Space Race and how?
    • What impact could the geographic expansion of the entertainment industry have on office, retail, and industrial property in the Las Vegas region?


    Murray Sawchuck, Magician, Tropicana Resort


    Eric Preiss, Director, Nevada Film Office


    Jamie Fritz, President, Fritz Martin Management





    How Utilities are Making it Possible to Have a Greener Future

    • How much demand is there for sustainable solutions from developers in the region?

    • What type of programs are offered by the various utilities to integrate sustainable solutions into new builds?

    • Are there solutions for existing builds, and can their costs be offset by the savings and efficiency that they provide?


    Tony Sanchez, Executive VP, Business Development and External Relations, NV Energy


    Michael Cooper, Manager, Energy Solutions, Southwest Gas


    John Entsminger, General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority


    Earn 12 Continuing Education Credits

    If you have a Nevada Real Estate License, you can earn 12 General Continuing Education Credits by attending both days of the Las Vegas Property Development & Infrastructure Conference. Click Here to Register.




    How the Evolution of the Gaming and Resort Industry is Affecting Real Estate Assets

    • How is the structure of the resort and casino industry changing and what impact is that having on that real estate sector?
    • Who are the new incoming owners of resorts and casinos and what is the value proposition?
    • What opportunities are opening up for investors and what activity can be anticipated in the coming year?


    Moderator: John Restrepo, Principal, RCG Economics


    Oliver Lovat, Chief Executive Officer, Denstone Group


    Michael Parks, Senior Vice President, CBRE


    Jonathan Jossel, CEO, Plaza Hotel & Casino








    How Technology is Revolutionizing the Property Industry

    • What are some of the ways in which technology is impacting the real estate industry, from transactions to investments?

    • What have been and possibly continue to be some of the challenges with adoption?

    • What is the industry doing to preserve the human element?


    Moderator: Joy Schoffler, Executive Chair, Fintech Professionals Association


    Pam Junge, Chief Adventure Officer, The Junge Group at eXp


    Melissa Houston, Head of Business Development, Juniper Square


    Shawna Hernandez, VP of Operations, JetClosing





    Making Las Vegas Relevant to the Tech Community

    • What is the magic formula for turning a community into a technology epicenter?

    • What role do governments and local businesses play?

    • What impact does this transformation have on property development?

    • Is it critical to see that transformation before you build, or is it a case of “if you build it, they will come?”


    Moderator: John Restrepo, Principal, RCG Economics


    Michael Sherwood, Chief Information Officer, City of Las Vegas


    Jeremy Ferkin, VP Operations, West Region, CenturyLink


    Troy Walker, Mayor, Draper City (Utah)





    Closing Keynote

    Keynote Speaker

    Marcus Allen


    Raiders Legend

    Super Bowl XVIII Champion

    Super Bowl XVIII MVP

    NFL Hall of Fame Inductee


    Award Presentation

    Vegasnomics Industry Leader Excellence Award


    Selfies with Raiders Legend Marcus Allen

    and Drinks Reception

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